Min: €0 Max: €3000

Reflex front SuperShell 4.0 complete

€480,00 *

* price includes thick liner
* better performance
* more comfort
* increased stability

CAMARO Speed Jump suit

€252,00 *

want to jump further?

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long

€222,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

Camaro Aqua Skin Wave Pant

€54,00 *

good looking and charming 1mm open cell neoprene girl short
- Seamless bonding technology – no chafing
- protects and keeps you warm

Razor R4

€1.560,00 *

2018 Razor R4 with breathtaking performance improvements
Design by Moritz Engelhardt


€1.560,00 *

The new EVO is an extremely smooth and predictable carving ski with no surprises. It carries speed through the turn and builds progressive angle into the wakes. The EVO's heritage is taken from the World Record holding ARC which has been the bestselling


€162,00 *

control your ski more effective than with conventional RTPs
our price includes the liner

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec long (M and XL only)

€300,00 SRP €250,00 *

lightest suit ever
0,5mm CAMARO Modetec skin pro long

Permanent Heavy Duty EZ-Slalom Course Kit with pregates

€1.980,00 *

1) functions 250 times worldwide
2) 10 years warranty
3) transport to most European countries 25-55 €
4) within EU no additional customs or taxes
5) outside EU 16,7% off
6) pls check FAQs at details

ML Custom Handle

€144,00 *

Used by pros.
Different custom diameters and length.
Best quality - lasts three times longer than a conventional handle.

Stay Dry Hardcore Drysuit

€600,00 *

stay dry

Eagle Butterfly Womens Water Ski Vest

€198,00 *

perfect fit
& skier approved

2mm CAMARO Titanium Short Tight

€78,00 *

perfect for chilly days
reversible, you can wear either the silver or the black side outside
perfect underwear under your long suit
dries super fast

Reflex front white hard shell on carbon plate

€390,00 *

price includes liner

more comfort - adjust foodhold with buckles
better performance - increases angle of ski in the water
higher safety - adjust rear release according to your weight

carbon plate: better flex, less weight

2 pairs of ML Palm Protectors

€36,00 *

for those who need them

CAMARO Impact Vest Men

€144,00 *

tight & light
very comfortable

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Mono (M only)

€252,00 SRP €216,00 *

best flex
pros know why they love it
lightest short suit on our planet

1mm CAMARO Black Tec Top (also kids sizes)

€114,00 *

super light - super flex - kids €12 less - XXL €12 more

* Incl. tax Excl. Shipping costs
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