D3 ION 2 2023 (D3)

Designed for skiers who like to evenly carve the turn.
The smaller rocker makes it fast.
The narrow fore body makes the ION 2 easy to ride in a balanced stance over the center and creates better cross course angle behind the boat.

€ 1.860,00 SRP
€1.560,00 * Incl. tax

metric size chart ION 2 

Ski Length     49 kph 52 kph 55 kph 58 kph
62.5” JR   Up to 50 kgs Up to 50 kgs Up to 55 kgs Up to 55 kgs
64" Up to 55 kgs Up to 57 kgs Up to 59 kgs Up to 61 kgs
65”     52 - 66 kgs 54 - 68 kgs 57 - 70 kgs 59 - 73 kgs
66”     59 - 73 kgs 61 - 75 kgs 64 - 77 kgs 66 - 79 kgs
67”   73 - 84 kgs 75 - 86 kgs 77 - 88 kgs 79 - 91 kgs
68”     84 kgs & Over 86 kgs & Over 88 kgs & Over 91 kgs & Over

The ION 2 takes its heritage from the highly successful ION. The incredible performance of the ION 2 is the result of the experience and success of all pro skiers in the D3 team.

The ION 2 flex and rocker comes directly from the skis ridden by D3 pro skiers. The ION 2 blends the tip flex from the ION S and the tail flex from the ION. This combination results in a ski that slows down well and engages into the turn, and at the same time provides optimal acceleration and cross course speed.

The same natural balance and equilibrium of a traditional shaped slalom ski has been maintained in the ION 2. The ski is best ridden with a balanced stance over the middle of the ski.

The ION sweet spot is replicated in the ION 2 along with the stability and symmetry that all skiers have come to expect from D3s previous ION slalom skis. The ION 2 is extremely predictable into the edge change, through a smooth carving turn, and builds angle and unparalleled cross-course speed.

The World Record ION 2 supports skiers of all levels and will exceed your expectations.

The ION 2 features:

  • Ski Profile - Traditional Ski Shape - best ridden in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski - the ION 2 is slightly wider than the competition's traditional shaped skis
  • Tunnel Concave - Shallowest of the D3 slalom line which promotes good cross-course speed
  • Rocker Profile - Lowest rocker in the D3 slalom line - ski attitude more level with less tip rise
  • Tail Shape - Widest tail in the D3 slalom line
  • Bevels - Soft tail bevel allows the tail of the ski to move throughout the turn in perfect balance with the tip
  • All Levels - Designed for skiers of all levels and exceeds the expectations of the most demanding skiers
  • Accuset Fin Block - Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustments and laser aligned fin position
  • Machined Screw Inserts - Accommodates D3, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention
  • Sizes - 64", 65", 66", 67", 68" in Tour Red
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