Min: €0 Max: €3000

Permanent Heavy Duty EZ-Slalom Course Kit with pregates

€2.490,00 *

1) functions 250 times worldwide
2) 10 years warranty
3) transport to most European countries 25-55 €
4) within EU no additional customs or taxes
5) outside EU 16,7% off
6) pls check FAQs at details

2mm CAMARO Titanium Tight Short

€84,00 *

perfect for chilly days
reversible, you can wear either the silver or the black side outside
perfect underwear under your long suit
dries super fast

1mm CAMARO BlackTec Pro Mono Longsleeve

€180,00 *

super light
super flexible
ergonomic cut

2mm CAMARO BlackTec Overall

€240,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

D3 ION 2021 (66 only)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.080,00 *

Designed for skiers who like to continuously carve the turn in one peace.
some skis we deliver will be test skis with very minor signs of usage

CAMARO Dry Suit Spraytec 2.0 Waterski

€1.000,00 *

pls allow approx. 8 weeks until shipping
high quality super light material
hand made in Austria
size change not possible
pls send your height/chest/waist /hip in cm and weight in kg with your order for size check

ML Underwear Gloves

€30,00 *

no blisters when skiing

D3 ION 2

€1.860,00 *

Designed for skiers who like to evenly carve the turn.
The smaller rocker makes it fast.
The narrow fore body makes the ION 2 easy to ride in a balanced stance over the center and creates better cross course angle behind the boat.

Razor R4

€1.860,00 *

Razor R4 with breathtaking performance improvements
Design by Moritz Engelhardt

D3 T-Factor front

€366,00 *

Looking for comfort and performance on a rubber binding?
Well, ..... this is the binding choice of Nate Smith.
Why? The T-Factor is pretty stiff on the side, so it gives perfect lateral support.

Slalom Rear Toe Plate (RTP) 2.0

€99,00 *

individual sizing from XS-XXL

Reflex REAR SLALOM R-STYLE complete

€162,00 *

complete binding including plate and liner
control your ski more effective than with conventional RTPs
our price includes the liner


€1.860,00 *

unmatched quality made in Austria
World Cup performance
ease of use out of the box
A hard flex
B medium flex

ML Custom Handle

€180,00 *

Used by pros.
Superior quality - lasts three times longer than a conventional handle.
Available in different diameters and two different length.

Reflex thin liner

€66,00 *

The thin liner is designed to keep the foot close to the shell to get the maximum stiffness.

Eagle Butterfly Womens Water Ski Vest

€198,00 *

perfect fit
& skier approved

Reflex Rolling Trick Ski Bag

€120,00 *

Padded to protect your valuable trick ski.
Wheels to make life easier.

D3 NEO red (65-67)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.080,00 *

treat yourself with a D3 NEO with red ION design
NEO inside - ION outside
the D3 NEO is designed for skiers who prefer to snap the turn
fast initial acceleration
very good deceleration
some skis are test skis with very minor signs of usage

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