Min: €0 Max: €3000

Permanent Heavy Duty EZ-Slalom Course Kit with pregates

€2.490,00 *

1) functions 250 times worldwide
2) 10 years warranty
3) transport to most European countries 25-55 €
4) within EU no additional customs or taxes
5) outside EU 16,7% off
6) pls check FAQs at details

2mm CAMARO BlackTec Overall

€240,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

Camaro Impact 3.0 Vest Junior (140 and 152 available)

€120,00 *

finally a real pro vest for kids!

Eagle Butterfly Womens Water Ski Vest (XS and L only)

€198,00 *

perfect fit
& skier approved

Duo Rubber Edge Trick Ski

€420,00 *

Made for hand and toe runs. Designed to deliver stability, long parallel lines run either side of your feet. Aggressive tip and tail shape - for lift and speed - combined with a soft continuous rocker.

D3 T-Factor front

€366,00 *

Looking for comfort and performance on a rubber binding?
Well, ..... this is the binding choice of Nate Smith.
Why? The T-Factor is pretty stiff on the side, so it gives perfect lateral support.

1mm CAMARO BlackTec Pro Mono Longsleeve

€180,00 *

super light
super flexible
ergonomic cut

Reflex Classic Hard Shell on carbon plate

€444,00 *

our price includes liner
Attention, because of different foot anatomy we recommend for male skiers to take size 8/L as of 25,5cm not 26cm

more comfort - adjust food hold with buckles
better performance - increases angle of ski in the water
higher s

Reflex SuperShell 8.0 complete with liner

€678,00 *

Attention, male skiers pls take size 8/L as of 25,5cm and not 26cm
- better durability thanks to new materials

Eagle Bird Of Prey Mens Water Ski Vest (S only)

€198,00 *

perfect fit & skier approved

Camaro Core Vest Men

€192,00 *

The Camaro Core Vest features protector inserts on the sides (see 2nd pic)
to help prevent rib bruising or rib fracture issues


€1.860,00 *

The D3 NRG R3 takes its shape from the proven R2.
The D3 NRG R3 is built with a slightly softer fore-body than the R2.
Compared to the ION the NRG R3 is a bit wider.

D3 ION 2 2023

€1.860,00 SRP €1.560,00 *

Designed for skiers who like to evenly carve the turn.
The smaller rocker makes it fast.
The narrow fore body makes the ION 2 easy to ride in a balanced stance over the center and creates better cross course angle behind the boat.

Camaro Evo Pants Pro Short

€138,00 *

best water ski short ever
- 1mm neoprene short inside
- slots on low backside for a faster water drain after start


€87,00 *

The New Reflex Proform liner is a soft liner which offers top comfort for your entire set.

Razor R4

€1.860,00 *

Razor R4 with breathtaking performance improvements
Design by Moritz Engelhardt

Reflex thin liner

€66,00 *

The thin liner is designed to keep the foot close to the shell to get the maximum stiffness.

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