Min: €0 Max: €3000

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long

€219,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

Eagle Bird Of Prey Mens Water Ski Vest

€198,00 *

perfect fit & skier approved

1,5mm Camaro Titanium Pro Overall

€300,00 *

best flex ever
super warm
mega light
easy in and out
the pros love it

Eagle Butterfly Womens Water Ski Vest

€198,00 *

perfect fit
& skier approved

PKB amara gloves

€66,00 *

High Quality Amara Gloves.
Best stitching we have seen so far.
They are cut quite tight, you can easily take one size bigger than other brand gloves.
Designed by water ski pros and Italian team coach Patricio Kiko Buzzotta for strong grip and tight fit

Reflex SuperShell 6.0 complete with liner

€558,00 *

* price includes thick liner
* increased performance
* increased stability
* comfortable

1mm CAMARO Black Tec Mono

€168,00 *

super light
super flexible
ergonomic cut


€1.690,00 *

The NRG R2 has quick rotational turns that are smooth and effortless.
The R2 gives you total control when and where to lay into a turn.
Compared to the ION the NRG R2 is a bit wider.

ML Custom Handle

€144,00 *

Used by pros.
Superior quality - lasts three times longer than a conventional handle.
Available in different diameters and two different length.

Razor R4

€1.650,00 *

Razor R4 with breathtaking performance improvements
Design by Moritz Engelhardt

CAMARO Impact Vest Men

€138,00 *

tight & light
very comfortable

Reflex Classic Hard Shell on carbon plate

€390,00 *

our price includes liner

more comfort - adjust food hold with buckles
better performance - increases angle of ski in the water
higher safety - adjust rear release according to your weight

carbon plate: better flex, less weight

Reflex SuperShell 5.0 complete with liner

€498,00 *

still available: M left and XL left

* price includes thick liner
* better performance
* more comfort
* increased stability

D3 EVO S (66" and 68" only)

€1.690,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

The EVO S has a softer flexing tip than the EVO for easier turn initiation


€252,00 *

best flex ever
super warm
mega light
easy in and out
the pros love it


€1.380,00 SRP €1.200,00 *

unmatched quality made in Austria
World Cup performance
ease of use out of the box
A hard flex
B medium flex

D3 T-Factor front

€336,00 *

Looking for comfort and performance on a rubber binding?
Well, ..... this is the binding choice of Nate Smith.

2mm CAMARO Titanium Short Tight

€78,00 *

perfect for chilly days
reversible, you can wear either the silver or the black side outside
perfect underwear under your long suit
dries super fast

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