Reflex SuperShell 9.0 complete with liner and plate (Reflex)

price includes thick liner, which is SuperShell standard
Supershell with plate and full Carbon-Innegra toe cup

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up to 240 mm all S
up to 255 mm male M
up to 260 mm female M
up to 275 mm all L
up to 290 mm all XL
up to 300 mm all XXL

how to measure and choose the correct size? 

Place your bare foot with the heel against a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of your biggest toe.

e.g. at 264 mm you go for up to 275 mm size L

e.g. at 256 mm male you go for up to 275 size L

A bigger hard shell is no problem, too small is no good!


On this SuperShell 9.0 Reflex replaced the original stainless steel toe bar with the full Carbon-Innegra toe cup. This enveloping front toe cup design, coupled with our new aluminum horseshoe, provides superior support of the boot and gives a feeling of more stability and connection. The SuperShell 9.0 Original benefits from the stainless steel 930 release mechanism which is the higher standard at Reflex. The plate, U and toe cup are all made of top fabric Carbon-Innegra, bringing a better mechanical strength that improves the durability and the performance.

The Supershell is one of the most comfortable hardshell boots thanks to its width and high-end elements:

  • Flexion break to limit the forward movements.
  • Aluminum buckles for better foot clamping.
  • Power Strap to improve the closing of the liner and improve strength without affecting the small rotation movement of the leg.
  • Carbon U to increase the lateral stiffness of the boot for a better connection and a precise control of the ski.

*Rear Toe Piece (RTP) and Ski not included.

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