handles & ropes

Min: €0 Max: €200

ML Custom Handle

€180,00 *

Used by pros.
Superior quality - lasts three times longer than a conventional handle.
Available in different diameters and two different length.

ML 9.25m DLX Optimized Coloured Slide Loop Mainline

€186,00 *

the brand new DLX slide loop mainline with coloured sections

ML 9.25m DLX Optimized White Slide Loop Mainline (11 Section)

€156,00 *

tournament ready Masterline  9.25m Optimized Slide-Loop Slalom Mainline
short liners top choice

ML 10.75m DLX Mainline (8 section)

€120,00 *

high quality - exact loop length

ML 13" Monster Handle with 14m mainline bundle

€132,00 *

best price/performance for a handle with rope bundle

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