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D3 ION (67 only)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.392,00 *

The slightly narrower fore body makes the D3 ION easy to ride in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski and creates better cross course angle behind the boat.

D3 NRG R2 (67" only)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.392,00 *

The NRG R2 has quick rotational turns that are smooth and effortless.
The R2 gives you total control when and where to lay into a turn.
Compared to the ION the NRG R2 is a bit wider.


€1.650,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

unmatched quality made in Austria
World Cup performance
ease of use out of the box
A hard flex
B medium flex

D3 X7 black (66" only)

€1.380,00 SRP €899,00 *

successor of the legendary D3 X5

RAZOR R2 blem

€1.650,00 SRP €1.100,00 *

slight cosmetic blem with no impact on skiing performance
pls ask if your size/flex is available
first come, first served

D3 Leverage Rear

€240,00 SRP €180,00 *

The benchmark.

Wiley Highwrap Slalom Rear

€246,00 SRP €198,00 *

safest release in the industry

Straight Line Ultra Vest (S only)

€108,00 SRP €84,00 *

most rugged vest, super protection

O'Neill Boost (size M only)

€120,00 SRP €84,00 *

best fit - super comfortable padding

60pcs. poliform slalom buoys

€720,00 SRP €660,00 *

use this offer if you need 60 buoys in the same colour

Slalom Magnet S1X

€42,00 SRP €36,00 *

strongest slalom magnet available!

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