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D3 ION 2 2023

€1.860,00 SRP €1.560,00 *

Designed for skiers who like to evenly carve the turn.
The smaller rocker makes it fast.
The narrow fore body makes the ION 2 easy to ride in a balanced stance over the center and creates better cross course angle behind the boat.

D3 NEO red (65-67)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.080,00 *

treat yourself with a D3 NEO with red ION design
NEO inside - ION outside
the D3 NEO is designed for skiers who prefer to snap the turn
fast initial acceleration
very good deceleration
some skis are test skis with very minor signs of usage

D3 ION 2021 (66 only)

€1.860,00 SRP €1.080,00 *

Designed for skiers who like to continuously carve the turn in one peace.
some skis we deliver will be test skis with very minor signs of usage


€1.860,00 *

unmatched quality made in Austria
World Cup performance
ease of use out of the box
A hard flex
B medium flex

RAZOR R2 blem

€1.860,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

slight cosmetic blem with no impact on skiing performance
pls ask if your size/flex is available
first come, first served

Reflex SuperShell 7.0 complete with liner

€618,00 SRP €552,00 *

Attention, male skiers pls take size 8/L as of 25,5cm and not 26cm
- more comfort thanks to a new liner
- better performance due to increased lateral stiffness

D3 Leverage Rear

€240,00 SRP €180,00 *

The benchmark.

Wiley Highwrap Slalom Rear

€246,00 SRP €198,00 *

safest release in the industry

Straight Line Ultra Vest (S only)

€108,00 SRP €84,00 *

most rugged vest, super protection

O'Neill Boost (size M only)

€120,00 SRP €84,00 *

best fit - super comfortable padding

60pcs. poliform slalom buoys

€720,00 SRP €660,00 *

use this offer if you need 60 buoys in the same colour

Slalom Magnet S1X

€42,00 SRP €36,00 *

strongest slalom magnet available!

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