slalom skis

Min: €0 Max: €3000


€1.860,00 *

The NRG R2 has quick rotational turns that are smooth and effortless.
The R2 gives you total control when and where to lay into a turn.
Compared to the ION the NRG R2 is a bit wider.


€1.380,00 *

most advanced high quality slalom ski
slightly more rocker than the R2
maybe the only ski which does not snap

RAZOR R2 blem

€1.500,00 SRP €1.100,00 *

slight cosmetic blem with no impact on skiing performance
pls ask if your size/flex is available
first come, first served

D3 Helix (66" only)

€1.380,00 SRP €999,00 *

slalom water ski d3

D3 X7 black (66" only)

€1.380,00 SRP €899,00 *

successor of the legendary D3 X5


€2.850,00 *

67" for each weight
high performance, the only ski without foam core and without flat spot, hand made German high tech


€288,00 *

start with 2 skis...

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