slalom skis

Min: €0 Max: €3000

D3 EVO (67" only)

€1.690,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

The World Record ski.
2019 torsionally a bit softer for a smoother more "connected" feel

D3 EVO S (66" and 68" only)

€1.690,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

The EVO S has a softer flexing tip than the EVO for easier turn initiation


€1.690,00 *

The weapon of Freddie Winter.
The NRG R1 is a bit faster and a bit more forgiving than the NRG.
Torsionally softer for 2019 and a new concave design to improve cast out and smooth turn finish.

D3 NRG (67" only)

€1.690,00 SRP €1.380,00 *

A completely new and different direction in design and performance, the NRG breaks new D3 ground in slalom ski design. Skier styles can vary greatly. It is important to find the ski that works best with your specific technique. The new NRG offers ski...


€1.380,00 *

most advanced high quality slalom ski
slightly more rocker than the R2
maybe the only ski which does not snap

RAZOR R2 blem

€1.380,00 SRP €890,00 *

slight cosmetic blem with no impact on skiing performance
pls ask for stock
first come, first served

D3 Helix (66" only)

€1.380,00 SRP €999,00 *

slalom water ski d3

D3 X7 black (66" only)

€1.380,00 SRP €900,00 *

successor of the legendary D3 X5


€2.850,00 *

67" for each weight
high performance, the only ski without foam core and without flat spot, hand made German high tech


€288,00 *

start with 2 skis...

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