67" for each weight
high performance, the only ski without foam core and without flat spot, hand made German high tech


maniacs and pros are deeply impressed by the WARP performance
first carbon ski without foam core but crossbeams inside (like Airbus 380 wings)

  • best torsional flex ever
  • higher at the buoy
  • sharper turns
  • no fatigue of material

WARP teamskiers:

  • Steve Cockeram
  • Hiro Kurisawa
  • Chet Raley
  • Jochen Luers

the WARP has no flat spot, anyone coming from 65"-68" skis feels at home
the nonstop rocker allows as much ski surface in the water as your weight/speed needs
each ski is custom made by hand to meet specific individual skiers needs 
flex numbers can be determined according to each individual skiers weight, size, speed and rope length - pls add your numbers into text field when ordering.
made in Germany, with carbon experience from F1, aeronautics and shipbuilding

payment by bank transfer only, no CC

fin factory settings:
tail: 0.84" or 21,3mm
depth: 2.515" or 63,8mm
length: 6.810" or 173mm tip to tip
heel rear binding to tail 16,75" or 425mm
heel front binding to tail 28,50" or 725mm

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