unmatched quality made in Austria
World Cup performance
ease of use out of the box
A hard flex
B medium flex

€ 1.860,00 SRP
€1.380,00 * Incl. tax


35-50kg B64 077-110 lbs B64
51-65kg B66 111-144 lbs B66
65-76kg A66 145-168 lbs A66

men 58kph/36mph

35-055kg B64 077-121 lbs B64
56-068kg B66 122-150 lbs B66
68-079kg A66 151-174 lbs A66
80-090kg B68 175-199 lbs B68
91-107kg A68 200-236 lbs A68

men 55kph/34mph

35-052kg B64 077-115 lbs B64
53-065kg B66 116-143 lbs B66
65-076kg A66 144-168 lbs A66
77-087kg B68 169-192 lbs B68
88-105kg A68 194-233 lbs A68

World Cup performance slalom made in Austria/Europe

unmatched quality 
effortless speed 
sharpe and stable turns 
equal pulls 
higher at buoys 
ease of use 

unmatched quality

  • made of the highest quality carbon (hard to be found in other water skis) used in aerospace and automotive industry for Airbus, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche etc. 
  • strong steel inserts, with an universal hole pattern, are anchored in fiber glass reinforcements in the resin strengthened foam core 
  • fin box and fin are made of special aluminium used in F1, which is half the weight and twice as robust as common aluminium 
  • all skis of one size and flex are 100% identical. The possibility of having a backup with exactly the same characteristics might be of interest (enabled by RTM) 
  • perfect finishing due to quality control at automotive industry level 
  • carbon has a composite fibre structure, the perfect and lively workmanship can be seen on each ski

effortless speed

  • the drag-optimized bottom, featuring a 0,015 mm structure, delivers effortless speed 
  • the rocker is balanced equally for speed and stable turns
  • sharpe and stable turns
  • Like in snow skiing, control over the turn is paramount. RAZOR’s round bevels allow you to carve sharpe and smooth turns. 
  • RAZOR is one of the few skis on the market that turns on skier’s demand, without unexpected, sudden dives or bites. 
  • all RAZOR skiers report their RAZORs delivers the sharpest turns ever

equal pulls

  • RTM “Resin Transfer Moulding”, a state of the art technology for production of aerospace and F1-racing carbon parts, enables RAZOR to inject resin under computer controlled pressure and temperature into the RAZOR foam core. This results in the most homogeneous flexed water ski, enabling you to ski very stable pulls 
  • you will be able to ski equal onside and offside pulls due to absolutely symmetric torsional flex, which is an exclusive RTM result.

higher at buoys

  • you get higher to the buoys because your RAZOR stays in the water for a longer time when crossing the wakes. Thus the RAZOR offers perfect oscillation dampening achieved by innovative geometry - the fore body continuously gets thinner and lighter towards the tip (enabled by RTM)

ease of use

  • the RAZOR offers a surprisingly ease of use for all kind of skiers because of its innate forgiveness.


  • in destructive testing the RAZOR holds 70% more load than common top skis, due to RTM production technology, high quality carbon composite and quality control at automotive industry level 
  • 1 year warranty
  • manufactured at Benteler SGL Composite Technology (former FISCHER Composite Technology in the FISCHER factory in Austria) daughter of Benteler AG (a leading Automotive Supplier in Germany) which became a global player in industrial carbon composites manufacturing by continuously focusing on automotive level quality control 
  • references - Airbus, AMG, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, GM, ... carbon composites production facilities worth millions 
  • high level experience in carbon and ski engineering


fin setting   64"  66" 68" 64" 66"  68"
factory tail (needle) 17,4mm  17,5mm 17,6mm 0,685” 0,689” 0,693”
factory depth 62,8mm 62,9mm 63,0mm 2,472” 2,476” 2,480”
factory length  175,3mm 175,5mm 175,7mm 6,902" 6,909” 6,917”
short line tail (needle) 17,5mm 17,6mm 17,7mm 0,689” 0,693” 0,697”
short line depth 62,7mm 62,8mm 62,9mm 2,469" 2,472" 2,476"
short line length 174,8mm 175,0mm 175,2mm 6,882” 6,890” 6,898”


wing settings 58 kph 9°, 55kph 8°



binding placement                    64"               66"               68"                    64"            66"           68"
factory hard boots                   73,3cm         74,0cm         75,3cm            28,86”        29,13”     29,65”

factory soft boots                    72,9cm         73,6cm         74,9cm            28,70”        28,98”     29,49”

short line hard boots               72,9cm         73,6cm         74,9cm            28,70”        28,97”     29,49”

short line soft boots                72,5cm         73,2cm         74,5cm            28,54”        28,82”     29,33”

Distance from heel of front binding to tail of the ski. Firmly tighten and control all screws, do not use more than 0.6 Nm torque at the M4 metric bolts. Use RAZOR metric tools and bolts only.

Moritz 28-08-2020 12:07

super fast, turns like hell

Iris Friedrich 21-06-2016 23:20

Fast, smooth in turns and really cool - forgives all mistakes

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