Reflex REAR SLALOM R-STYLE complete (Reflex)

complete binding including plate and liner
control your ski more effective than with conventional RTPs
our price includes the liner

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R-Style on G-10 rear slalom plate.
A low shell is screwed onto a rear plate - the foot can release easily. Very simple and effective.

The R-Style shell has no upper cuff. In comparison with the convetional Reflex hard shell the ankle buckle is moved more forward to allow a save release.

Thanks to the various holes drilled into the plate, different angles and distances can be adjusted.

how to choose your correct size? pls stand up, put your naked heel against a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of your big toe - if the length of your foot is e.g. 26,4 cm please choose the next size 27,5 cm .
If your hard shell is a little bigger - that´s no problem, if too short then it`s no good for you at all!

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