Slalom Buoy

for a 6 buoy course with pre-gates you need: 10 red, 12 yellow, 4 green
in order to have some spare, we suggest to order: 16 red, 18 yellow, 6 green

we tested different manufacturers, what counts is that the air stays in for years 
offering Polyform buoys, we reduce your "buoy flat rate" from 5% down to almost 0%
pls use the metal needles used for volley balls to blow them up safely. cheers, Volker

Made of high quality PVC and featuring a strong rope-hold, this buoy is built to last for a long time. The WS-1 meets American Waterski Association specifications for record capability tournaments.


Meets official American Waterski Association specifications for record capability tournaments 
Multiple colours to mark ski and boat course 
High quality PVC construction 
Durable rope-hold 
Made in China 

Model: WS-1 
Diameter 9" or 22 cm 
Eye Diameter 3/8" or 0,84 cm 
Circumference 28.3" or 72,2 cm 
Buoyancy Ratings 1.3lbs or 6.0 kg

maxim diki 04-03-2015 08:48

these bouys are perfect. we use them in cyprus, where is lots of sun and colours dont fade too fast!
they never go flat and very robust!

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