Razor R4 (RAZOR)

Razor R4 with breathtaking performance improvements
Design by Moritz Engelhardt

After years of improving and testing, Razor increased the over all performance of the Razor R4 significantly by tuning the bevels. The Razor R4 now rides higher on the water when on edge. This "riding higher on the water" is most essential at the end of the turn where the R4 now delivers a super smooth transition into the pull. Which is of paramount importance for a dynamic and smooth performance in all line length and speeds.

  • proven rocker which delivers razor sharp turns
  • leveled bevels let the back end of the R4 ride higher in the transition from turn into pull
  • unbreakable  - not a single RAZOR ever snapped
  • quality made in Austria
kph 55 55 55 55 55   58 58 58 58 58
kg 35-52 53-65 65-76 77-87 88-105   35-55 56-68 68-79 80-90 91-107
RAZOR 4 B64 B66 A66 B68 A68   B64 B66 A66 B68 A68
lbs 77-115 116-143 144-168 169-192 194-233   77-121 122-150 151-174 175-199 200-236
mph 34 34 34 34 34   36 36 36 36 36

if taller than 172cm or 5'6" take a 66" // if taller than 184cm or 6' take a 68"
if you prefer soft skis take B flex// if you prefer hard skis take A flex

orders from outside EU get 16,75 % off
after entering your address select from multiple transport options: 
to EU: DPD (4 days) €15-25 or DHL (3 days) € 50
to US: DHL (4 days) € 87 


  • if not satisfied return your RAZOR and get 100% of your cost of the ski back
  • your RAZOR has to be in new condition
  • valid 28 days from our shipping date to return date, gives you 2 weeks skiing time
  • payment by bank transfer only
  • shipping options DHL or DPD only

•Ski must be returned in NEW condition - please take great care not to scratch or damage the ski, damage will result in a charge upon return - i.e. excessive top scratches, handle dents, dock or rock scratches on the bottom, ruined inserts, etc... 

•If you decide to return the ski within the 28 day period please contact us first at +43 699 1585 7759 or e-mail [email protected]. We need to hear from you latest 21 days after our shipping date. 

• ship ski back with copy of the bill at your own expense to: 
Talgasse 4
2753 Markt Piesting, Austria
e: [email protected]
p: +43 699 1585 7759
Please insure the ski as hotwater.cc will not be responsible for damage caused during transport.

•Once we receive the ski it will be inspected. After clearing inspection you will receive the refund. Damages will be deducted. All freight costs are non-refundable.

•Use only provided original metric screws to attach bindings and take extra care not to cross thread.

•Please follow binding, fin and wing position recommendations that come with your RAZOR. 

•All RAZORs must be returned with the original packaging and hardware.

fin setting   64"  66" 68" 64" 66"  68"
factory tail (needle) 17,4mm  17,5mm 17,6mm 0,685” 0,689” 0,693”
factory depth 62,8mm 62,9mm 63,0mm 2,472” 2,476” 2,480”
factory length  175,3mm 175,5mm 175,7mm 6,902" 6,909” 6,917”
short line tail (needle) 17,5mm 17,6mm 17,7mm 0,689” 0,693” 0,697”
short line depth 62,7mm 62,8mm 62,9mm 2,469" 2,472" 2,476"
short line length 174,8mm 175,0mm 175,2mm 6,882” 6,890” 6,898”


wing settings 58 kph 9°, 55kph 8°



binding placement                    64"               66"               68"                    64"            66"           68"
factory hard boots                   73,3cm         74,0cm         75,3cm            28,86”        29,13”     29,65”

factory soft boots                    72,9cm         73,6cm         74,9cm            28,70”        28,98”     29,49”

short line hard boots               72,9cm         73,6cm         74,9cm            28,70”        28,97”     29,49”

short line soft boots                72,5cm         73,2cm         74,5cm            28,54”        28,82”     29,33”

Distance from heel of front binding to tail of the ski. Firmly tighten and control all screws, do not use more than 0.6 Nm torque at the M4 metric bolts. Use RAZOR metric tools and bolts only.

Moritz 08-09-2016 08:57

Outstanding performance. Fast. Wide. Sharp turns. Love it. Best ever.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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