Min: €0 Max: €750

Duo Rubber Edge Trick Ski

€420,00 *

Made for hand and toe runs. Designed to deliver stability, long parallel lines run either side of your feet. Aggressive tip and tail shape - for lift and speed - combined with a soft continuous rocker.

Furtif Trick Ski

€750,00 *

The Furtif - the choice of Neilly Ross - is a favorite for hand passes. With its flat 10″ rocker and speed as its main quality, it has exceptional edge obtained through a double concave hull. The Furtif is powerful and super light, it is made to achi...

ML trick handle

€162,00 *

Detailed Description
ML trick handles are designed and used by the World's Best Trickers.

Reflex trick sock

€60,00 *

An easy and cheap protect for your trick ski. When traveling and at the lake.

ML 14,5m Poly-E trick main

€54,00 *

trick main rope

Reflex Trick Ski Rear Toe Plate (RTP)

€84,00 *

fits on Reflex trick skis
adjustable for all sizes
anti-slick pad and velcro strap

D3 Leverage RT Complete (Trick)

€72,00 SRP €60,00 *

save weight on your trick ski

D3 Leverage ITP (Trick)

€108,00 *

best tricking RTP on our planet

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