Aira Honeycomb Trick & Leverage PTP (Pro Trick Plate) (D3)

Includes trick ski & Leverage PTP (Pro Trick Plate), pls specify your PTP size in text field of online order.

The AIRA features a completely redesigned approach to the traditional D3 shape.
More support where you need it, less where you don’t.

New rear toe plate required for all AIRA Trick Skis
All AIRA Trick Skis come complete with machine screw inserts for the rear toe plate. 

The Pro Trick Plate (PTP) is needed with all new AIRA trick skis.

The Invert Trick Plate (ITP) will not work with the new insert pattern. 

For the past year we have been asking our D3 test team to tell us EXACTLY what they want in a trick ski. We asked skiers of varying abilities from 3,000 points to World Record holders. As with any questionnaire the answers were varied but there was one common theme. “My current ski is the ultimate in stability and tracking, but I would like to feel my ski release easier and have more pop on all wake tricks.” With the increased focus on wake tricks such as body-overs, toe step-overs and inverts we turned our attention to improving how our trick ski performed during every aspect of wake tricks, the cut (or load), the release off of the wake and finally the landing. 

With the all new AIRA and AIRA HC D3 has addressed all of these demands. We are very excited to announce we have exceeded even our own lofty expectations with the AIRA. Trick ski design is as much an art as it is a science. Very subtle changes in shape, rocker, flex and rebound can make very drastic changes to the performance of a trick ski. Trick skiing is such a technically demanding event. It requires great balance and timing. That balance and timing all start with the ski. After creating many different prototypes Denny Kidder, Will Bush and the entire D3 design team all agree we have ended up with a masterpiece. 

The new AIRA combines everything Denny Kidder has learned over the years while also considering the changing needs of the modern trick skier. Fresh new design concepts and solutions were utilized to produce the ultimate ski for the new age trick ski competitor as well as the seasoned veteran skiers. D3 just made trick skiing easier for every competitor. One ride and you will be convinced. 

The new AIRA features a completely redesigned, forward thinking approach to the traditional D3 overall topographical shape. More support where you need it and less where you don’t. 

A new tapered profile has been designed into both the tip and tail of the AIRA. While subtle to the naked eye this modification creates a truly magical feel on all wake tricks and produces effortless pop that must be experienced to truly be appreciated. 

The new AIRA literally starts spins and rotations at the blink of an eye. Rhoni Barton Bischoff is on the D3 test team and she said, "With 30+ years on a D3 trick ski, I was skeptical that we could change our entire design and not lose some of what has made D3 the best - unreal tracking, overall stability and consistency between all the various types of hand and toe tricks. However, the D3 Aira is the most amazing tracking ski I have ever skied on and everything from basic spin tricks to body overs to rotational flips are the cleanest, fastest, highest and easiest I have ever performed them. The D3 Aira will be a career changer at every level." 

The AIRA’s ability to create load with minimal effort is apparent from the first cut. Our new flex pattern combined with the AIRA’s new side profile makes edging into the wake effortless resulting in a powerful release for faster spins and quicker flips. D3 Pro Adam Sedlemajer said, “The new Aira has definitely helped to step my game up in many aspects. My flips are faster yet more under control which is something very hard to achieve. Moreover, the new shape has allowed me to feel exactly where I am on the ski which made the load part of flips more consistent resulting in my landing flips that I have never done before” 

Moving from trick to trick quickly is the name of the game when chasing a personal best or a world record. The AIRA’s ability to allow every skier to move from trick to trick with speed is perhaps its best attribute. Still featuring the largest sweet-spot in the industry for stability the AIRA gains its quickness and agility from its fast rebound and bold new shape. D3 Team and World Record Holder said it best, “I am now faster from trick to trick. I now have time to add a trick or two at the end of each pass. The AIRA is going to help everyone improve their scores.” 

AIRA HC- Honeycomb core
The AIRA HC begins with an aerospace quality aluminum honeycomb core and 100% carbon fiber laminate construction. The honeycomb core combined with the carbon fiber make the AIRA HC our lightest trick ski. The honeycomb core in the HC delivers lightning fast rebound that makes the AIRA HC the pro skiers choice for all wake tricks. 


The AIRA and the AIRA HC come complete with rock solid, ABS plastic anchors embedded inside the core of each ski. These anchors allow us to install the industry’s highest quality machine screw inserts in all AIRA models. Rear plate inserts are now standard equipment on all AIRA tricks. These rear inserts are designed to work with our new Pro Trick Plate and also accommodate the Radar trick rear toe plate.

SIZES: 41", 42", 43" & 44"

All tricks are shipped with machine screw inserts to accommodate current D3, HO and Wiley front binding and D3's new PRO TRICK PLATE rear.
All binding screws are included.

Recommended weight ranges for AIRA HC

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