Neo Trick Ski (Reflex)

The NEO - the choice of Neilly Ross - is a favourit for hand passes. With its flat rocker and speed as its main quality, it has exceptional edge obtained through a double concave hull. The NEO is powerful and super light, 1000g.

€750,00 * Incl. tax

Reflex skis are designed and built to the highest specification in the composite industry today. It is very accurately constructed, of high strength and high durability. The skin of uni-directional carbon fiber is wrapped following exclusive processes developed by Reflex to link the top and the bottom. The exclusive UV process involves a moulding process under vacuum, which guarantees an optimised ratio of carbon/epoxy. This process at the forefront of the composite technology makes Reflex skis ultra durable and reliable in spite of being amazingly light:

The Neo is 200 gr lighter than the Furtif – 1kg vs 1.2 kg ( 2.2 lbs vs 2.6 lbs)
With New inserts and a stronger transparent gloss!

  • Powerful
  • Tracks great in the water to set up for everything in the air
  • Improved stability
  • Better flip transitions
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