Reflex Adjust Direct Contact Binding (Reflex)

- €547 Classic with liner
- €712 SuperShell with liner
- no base plate, hardshell in direct contact with ski
- torsional ski flex is not constrained by a base plate

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up to 240 mm all S
up to 255 mm male M
up to 260 mm female M
up to 275 mm all L
up to 290 mm all XL
up to 300 mm all XXL

how to measure and choose the correct size? 

Place your bare foot with the heel against a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of your biggest toe. at 264 mm you go for up to 275 mm size L

at 256 mm male you go for up to 275 size L

A bigger hard shell is no problem, too small is no good!


The Adjust Direct Contact Binding System allows the hardshell to be directly in contact with the ski. The ski flex, especially torsional, is not constrained by a plate. It improves the connection, responsiveness, and feeling of the skier. A 3M Transparent film is included to protect the ski.

This improved version of the classic Direct Contact Binding is now made of 2 stainless-steel arms with a built-in micro adjust system. This makes this setup very durable and precise. This new version was also designed to be compatible with a wider range of settings outside recommended boot positioning and with all models and sizes from ski brands using the international binding inserts pattern.

The Adjust DC Binding also comes with our latest full Carbon-Innegra toe cup. The top fabric Carbon-Innegra brings a better mechanical strength that improves the durability and the performance. This enveloping front-toe cup design also provides superior support and so contributes to the feeling of stability and connection that brings this no-plate setup.

This model benefits from the stainless steel 930 release mechanism which is the higher standard at Reflex.


  • Classic Slalom Hardshell boot or Supershell boot
  • 930 Release mechanism
  • Two stainless steel arms
  • Carbon- Innegra Toe Cup
  • Hardware
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