D3 Leverage BlackOut Overlay (D3)

Fits front and rear on D3 LeverageBlackOut, D3 Leverage and earlier KD bindings.
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L E V E R A G E BLACKOUT Replacement Overlay

The all new LEVERAGE BLACKOUT OVERLAY is a great replacement for all previous models of D3 Leverage or KD rubber bindings.

In keeping with D3’s “performance first” philosophy we use only screen printed graphics on the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT OVERLAY. Using molded rubber or plastic accoutrements as graphic elements can limit an overlays ability to stretch. For this reason we have stayed away from flashy, molded graphics and have focused on a clean, screen printed, all black look. 

The flexibility of this 100% KIRKHILL rubber overlay allows us to eliminate the need for laces. Sold alone or purchase a set of two and save. 

One size fits all front and rear Leverage and KD bindings.
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