3mm CAMARO BlackTec Zero Overall (CAMARO)

zero water enters through zipper
3mm super warm
super flex
super light

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If you are between two sizes, take the bigger one because this one is cut quite tight!

  • 3mm open cell neoprene
  • new ergonomic cut
  • super flexible
  • super warm down to 12°C water
  • warm down to 8°C water with Titanium Top and Neoprene Short as underwear
  • 3 years free repair service in Europe
  • 1 year free repair service US & Canada
  • comes with a decent white hotwater.cc logo

For skiers who get cold easily we suggest:

1) wear the 2mm Titanium Top and the 2mm Camaro Titanium Short Tight under your long or mono suit,

    you will be much warmer plus you keep the same flex in arms and legs .

    Wear top & short under your shorts & vest when it is a bit too chilly to wear your shorts & vest only.

2) put on a Camaro Water Ski Cap. When the air is cold, you loose a lot of warmth trough your head.

    It keeps the cold air away and your hair dry.

Maxim 09-03-2023 12:24

the zero zipper is a game changer - no water at all comes through the zero zipper

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