Min: €0 Max: €500

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long

€222,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

CAMARO Speed Jump suit

€252,00 *

want to jump further?

2mm CAMARO Titanium Short Tight

€78,00 *

neoprene shorts reversible silver and black

2mm CAMARO Titanium Top

€78,00 *

perfect for chilly days
reversible, wear it in silver or black
use as UNDERWEAR under your long suit
dries super fast

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec long

€300,00 *

lightest suit ever
0,5mm CAMARO Modetec skin pro long

CAMARO Jump & Barefoot suit

€360,00 *

land well padded

1mm CAMARO Black Tec Mono

€168,00 *

super light
super flexible
ergonomic cut

CAMARO Impact Vest Men

€120,00 *

size M & L back on stock Feb. 2018
tight & light - the most comfortable slalom vest

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Mono

€252,00 *

best flex
pros know why they love it
lightest short suit on our planet

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long kids

€198,00 *

super warm
super flexible
super light

Camaro Impact Pro Vest

€156,00 *

reversible vest red or black
comes with integrated black belt which you can wear inside or outside
does not push up when in water

CAMARO Drysuit Kitec (size M only)

€600,00 SRP €480,00 *

best dry suit ever


€138,00 *

best water ski short ever
- 1mm neoprene short inside
- slots on low backside for a faster water drain after start

CAMARO Impact Vest Lady

€120,00 *

tight & light - best lady fit

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Water Ski Shorty (S only)

€198,00 SRP €150,00 *

super thin, light and flexible summer suit

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