Min: €0 Max: €500

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long

€222,00 *

super warm
super flex
super light

Camaro Aqua Skin Wave Pant

€54,00 *

good looking and charming 1mm open cell neoprene girl short
- Seamless bonding technology – no chafing
- protects and keeps you warm

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec long

€300,00 *

lightest suit ever
0,5mm CAMARO Modetec skin pro long

2mm CAMARO Water Ski Shorty

€120,00 *

perfect for ski & swim

CAMARO Impact Vest Men

€120,00 *

size M & L back on stock May 2018
tight & light - the most comfortable slalom vest

Camaro Impact Pro Vest

€156,00 *

reversible vest red or black
does not push up on shoulders when in water
comes with integrated black belt which you can wear either inside or outside

2mm CAMARO Titanium Top

€78,00 *

perfect for chilly days
reversible, wear it in silver or black
use as UNDERWEAR under your long suit
dries super fast

2mm CAMARO Titanium Short Tight

€78,00 *

neoprene shorts reversible silver and black

2mm CAMARO Black Tec long kids

€198,00 *

super warm
super flexible
super light

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Mono

€252,00 *

best flex
pros know why they love it
lightest short suit on our planet

CAMARO Jump & Barefoot suit

€450,00 *

land well padded...

CAMARO Impact Vest Lady

€120,00 *

tight & light - best lady fit

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Top

€156,00 *

mega light - mega flex

CAMARO Speed Jump suit

€252,00 *

want to jump further?

1mm CAMARO Black Tec Mono

€168,00 *

super light
super flexible
ergonomic cut

CAMARO Drysuit Kitec (size M only)

€600,00 SRP €480,00 *

best dry suit ever

0,5mm CAMARO Modetec Water Ski Shorty (S only)

€198,00 SRP €150,00 *

super thin, light and flexible summer suit

1mm CAMARO Black Tec Top (also kids sizes)

€114,00 *

super light - super flex - kids €12 less - XXL €12 more

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