Reflex SuperShell 6.0 complete with liner (Reflex)

* price includes thick liner
* increased performance
* increased stability
* comfortable

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We deliver the complete binding including thick liner. Size XXL is plus €30.

how to choose the correct size? 

Place your bare foot with the heel against a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of your biggest toe. If the length of your foot is e.g. 26,4 cm please choose the next bigger size 27,5 cm .

A bigger hard shell is no problem, too small is no good!



  • Aluminum buckles with more hydro and aero dynamic
  • Sleek black design
  • New Carbon U addition
  • Comes with carbon plate
  • 840 release mechanism
  • The front toe cup is lighter and stronger

The Shell
Reflex SuperShell 6.0 for slalom is quality built for the water ski athlete and can be used for water skiers of any level. The binding is designed for comfort and stability and lateral connection to the ski. The shell also has a water draining system to keep the liner and binding light and to avoid water buildup.
The Release
The 840 release mechanism has arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms are designed to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The spring loaded tension release is set based on skier weight and style preferences.
The Buckles and Flexion Brake
Alloy buckles give the precision you desire when tightening your binding.
The Flexion Brake does not allow to overstretch the ankle.
The Toe Cup 
Improved construction for better durability to give the precise control of the ski in wake cross and turns.
The Carbon U Base
The new carbon U base increases the lateral stiffness of the boot for a better connection to the plate and gives precise control of the ski. This new lateral connection to your ski will give more precision to your moves, your turns, and allow you to be quicker from edge to edge. The carbon U only stiffens the base of the boot, meaning that the comfort will remain exactly the same. No compromise!
The SuperShell 6.0 comes with the thick Proform Liner. If for any reason you wish to get the thin liner, pls mention in the text field when ordering.

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