D3 NRG R2 (67" only) (D3)

The NRG R2 has quick rotational turns that are smooth and effortless.
The R2 gives you total control when and where to lay into a turn.
Compared to the ION the NRG R2 is a bit wider.

€ 1.860,00 SRP
€1.392,00 * Incl. tax

Recommended weight range

Skier ability and line length may affect recommendation


The powerful R2 has improved stability and consistency. We accomplished our goal of maintaining the best attributes of the R1 while at the same refining the ski to match skier demands. The R2 has a deeper concave and tunnel volume compared to either the ION or ION-S. The R2 delivers powerful edge-control, with cross course holding power that is unrivaled. Turns are symmetrical and consistent with tip engagement predictable due to more parallel sidewalls under the front binding.

The redesigned ski shape and concave means that the ski creates more angle so the R2 is fast through the wakes, with effortless edge change and direction out to the buoy. If you are looking to experience quick, symmetrical turns on both your offside and onside you must experience the NRG R2.

The R2 wider width profile, compared to ION allows you to ride a shorter ski.

Team D3 skiers’ comment - “The changes you made to the NRG are prefect. For me, I love the stable feel of the R2. It holds speed well through the buoy and never gets behind you.”

The NRG R2 features:

  • Large sweet spot- 1" more overall compared to R1
  • Redesigned rocker results in smoother quick turns
  • Deep edge-to-edge concave for powerful hold across course.
  • Wide forebody for stability and support.
  • Tail shape allows the ski to move in the turn.
  • Torsional flex control for precise edge changes and smooth acceleration.
  • Machine screw inserts accommodate most current binding systems.
  • Accuset Fin Block for laser aligned fin placement
  • Sizes - 64", 65", 66", 67" & 68" in Blue / Green
  • Sizes - 64", 65" & 66" in Pink
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