D3 EVO S (66" only) (D3)

The EVO S has a softer flexing front for easier turn initiation


The Softer Side of the EVO
 Recommended weight range

Skier ability and line length may affect recommendation


The D3 EVO-S traces its heritage to the incredibly successful ARC-S. The EVO-S still features the quick, stable turns the EVO is known for but don’t be fooled… the EVO-S has performance to spare. A softer flex philosophy from the middle of the ski forward allows the skier quicker more precise access to the front of the ski as the skier changes edges and approaches the turn. Especially effective for skiers who like to ride a slightly larger size ski or may be on the lighter side of the weight-range. The EVO-S still carries speed all the way through the turn and builds progressive angle into the wake. Skiers who ride in a balanced stance and ski with a smooth, carving style will be right at home on the EVO-S.

Fast, accessible and intuitive. That’s the EVO-S.
The EVO-S features:

  • Optimal bevel angle – Keeps the ski moving as the turn is completed. Resulting in a noticeable reduction in effort required as the ski loads into the wake.
  • Balanced rocker profile - The turns on both sides are quicker and more complete. Flat-spot position allows skier to easily stay in the sweet-spot.
  • Re-shaped concave – Deep where holding power is required, shallower where it can enhance the turns.
  • Tapered tail - Provides the desired combination of support and slide resulting in maximum angle with minimal skier input.
  • Softer forward flex- A softer flex philosophy from the middle of the ski forward, when compared to EVO.
  • Accuset Fin Block – Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustments and laser aligned fin position.
  • Machine screw inserts- To accommodate D3, HO, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention.

Sizing can be a very critical factor in how any ski performs. For this reason, the EVO S is available in one inch increments.

EVO-S Laser Blue

Available in 64”, 65”, 66”, 67” and 68”

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