D3 Quest 45 Junior (D3)

Junior slalom water ski

The Quest Junior is produced with the exact same materials and craftsmanship utilized in producing the world record holding Quest. The Quest Jr. is a smaller version of the same ski Nate Smith used to break the world record last season. Give your up and coming skier the advantage as they advance up the ranks. 

The 62.5” mold was perfectly scaled down from the adult version of the ski. Special attention was given to ensure the flex pattern is soft and forgiving for skiers up to 100 pounds. While stability is the focus don’t think this Quest Jr. is short on performance. This ski is specifically designed for the slalom course competition junior skier. The Quest Junior features stable, predictable turns due to the larger bevel pattern and boasts the most symmetrical turns available. The 2014 Quest Junior even comes standard with the R-30 Rockerblock. R-45 and R-60 Rockerblocks now sold separately for the ultimate in adjustability.

• features D3 Zero Tolerance Manufacturing
• standard with R-30 Rockerblock technology
• 100% Carbon Fiber laminates
• stainless steel, machine screw inserts accommodate D3 and HO binding patterns
• also available with no inserts for dual-lock applications

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